Oddsmonkey Review – Premium Software

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Below are the Quick Results from my Oddsmonkey experience.
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Oddsmonkey is a matched betting service based in County Durham. They are recognised as the Elite in the Matched Betting world, where they teach members the concept of Matched Betting, providing them with tools, software, support and a large community which help them make Risk Free money.

Oddsmonkey are the original creators of Matched Betting software, meaning their experience & support is the greatest available. A premium membership with Oddsmonkey comes with many benefits, from Step by Step Training guides, access to every offer available by a bookmaker, all the way to their dedicated support team who also offer 1-to-1 training! 

The service at Oddsmonkey is far superior to elsewhere. You get a more Profitable Product, The Best Software at the Lowest Cost!

What Software is available with Oddsmonkey?

Bookmakers offer new promotions and free bets every single day. It can be hard keeping up with what has just been updated, but oddsmonkey make it very easy with the Daily Offer Calendar. This gets updated whenever a new offer is found, so you never miss a thing. You also have;

  • The ability to see how much profit you are expected to make, before you jump in.
  • The option to mark offers completed, removing them from the ‘to-do’ list.
  • The choice to hide offers from a certain bookmaker.
  • Colour coded offers. These are coded by difficulty, so if you haven’t long joined you can avoid the Hard/Expert difficulty offers.

The Oddsmatcher is the original software which Oddsmonkey created. It is a fantastic tool, as it enables you to find the most profitable bets to place at a click of a button. This saves you money as you are ensuring you get the best match, but not only that it eliminates all time and effort!

Without Software, the amount of time it takes to find a bet with low enough losses can be very time consuming, and you may end up taking a larger loss than necessary just to get the bet over and done with. It’s at this point you realise it may be worth investing in software so you can maximise efficiency.

Below is a screenshot of the Oddsmatcher, which is updated real-time, so you can be sure it’s up to date.
It’s actually so quick that it can find Arbitrage opportunities (matches found in red), which means that it’s faster than bookmaker traders. This creates profit opportunities where you take advantage of the superior prices bookmakers offer, and lay it against a lower price on Smarkets or Betfair.

oddsmonkey software review

However, the main use for this Oddsmatcher is to provide the best matches possible, so you can cut qualifying losses to a minimum and thus make as much money as possible.
I tested this by placing 20 bets, 10 with Oddsmatcher and 10 without.
Without using the software (finding odds manually), I lost in total £5.71 over the course of the 10 x £10 bets.
With software, 10 x £10 bets only cost £3.89, which is around 40% less qualifying losses. Also, bare in mind you could potentially be placing 100 bets a month, the savings really add up!

As the video shows, Dutching can be used for many different things.

You can use it instead of backing and laying, meaning essentially you are placing 2 mug bets aswell as a bet contributing towards an offer.

The great thing about this, is it’s generally minimal or ZERO qualifying losses. Which over the course of a month can mean you’ve actually saved Hundreds of pounds!

The Each Way Matcher is the greatest piece of software I have seen in the Matched Betting world.
Oddsmonkey were really thinking outside of the box when they created this masterpiece.
The Each Way Matcher is advanced software created initially to take advantage of Horse Racing Extra Places.
However, it does so much more. I have a target of £35 profit a day, which takes me over £1000 a month. This software has made it a breeze to pass this figure.

How does it work?

When you open up the software, it will sort all matches by which one brings the most profit, nice!
Each way Matcher

You then select ‘open calculator’ and it will automatically have input the fields for which exchange to lay on, lay prices and commission.
All you have to enter is what you would like to stake, but it does give you s default amount in case you do flat stakes.

Now you are left with a clear view of which horse to back, what the odds should be on Bookmaker, Exchange Win & Lay places.
Your profit is shown on the top right. The above example isn’t great, as its from a Thursday afternoon race, which isn’t a big event. Turn to a weekend, and you would be avoiding this match because there are so many others to back.

There are many filters set on this Matcher so you can choose to view only certain bookies, however the most useful filter is for the Extra Places.
If you haven’t already completed the Extra Place guide, Extra places are where a bookmaker pays 6 places, but the exchange pays 4 or 5. This would leave one or two places available where it’s a ‘win-win’, bet wins in the bookmaker ASWELL as winning on the exchange.

Extra places occur mainly on big events, and they are a fantastic way of making a good chunk of cash. They aren’t risk free (unless you Dutch every horse), but qualifying losses are minuscule compared to the potential returns. I use £50 stakes on extra places and my biggest return from one race was £540, as my horses placed in one of the extra spots.
Extra PLace Offers

You can Dutch every horse in the race, but this will lead to a smaller ‘lock in’ of profit. I prefer the method of hoping for the extra place, it usually costs around £4 in qualifying losses, but worth around £500-£750 in profit per race (with my stakes)

Matched Betting is a legitimate way of earning cash. Oddsmonkey make this as simple as possible by creating a service which is accessible to anybody & everybody.

Oddsmonkey involves using a bookmakers promotional offers & guaranteeing a Risk Free approach to make money. However, it does not there, you can now profit from Casino, Bingo, Cashback & Spreadex!

Once you are logged in you are directed to the ‘Daily Offer Calendar’, which gives you a complete list of Offers and Promotions available for that day. It shows the difficulty level and the amount of Profit available, which is fantastic for those with less time.

You will never be outside of your comfort zone, as the guides have video tutorials and instructions down to the specifics such as how to alter the odds format!

There is no risk attached to Matched Betting. You are 100% certainly not gambling.
Matched Betting is where you cover all potential outcomes of a game. If either team win, or it’s a draw You still win!
There is no risk attached, as there cannot possibly be any other results.
Gone are the days where you will be throwing your TV through the window, as The full time result doesn’t matter, we win regardless.

Matched betting has been around for years now, but it’s recently became more popular as its been researched more, and with Oddsmonkey offering a free trial, you can earn £50 immediately!
It’s also completely legal, all you are doing is taking advantage of a bookmakers promotion, it’s not illegal to guarantee a profit.[/panel][panel title=”Is this a Scam? Or Illegal?”]There’s no scam here, although I would guess there are many bookmakers who definitely dislike Oddsmonkey, as it’s enabled the Punters to re-gain an edge.

Oddsmonkey are legitimate. There are many websites such as Profit Maximiser , Profit Accumulator that also offer a Matched betting service, but they USED to rent the software from Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey have been developing software for Matched Betting for 5 years Plus, but it’s only been since the start of 2014 that they decided to also help members by offering a complete Matched Betting service.

I’ve been a member of various services, but stick with Oddsmonkey as their staff are geniune & have time for every single member.

oddsmonkey review

A great touch by the staff at Oddsmonkey is that they also complete all offers, meaning they have first hand experience, not just sitting at a desk advising you.

I have attached some profit posts from members, the final great touch here is that posting your profit here will also add you into a £50 Cash Prize Draw.
So now you can make money, while making money!

The Free Trial of Oddsmonkey allows you access to 2 Bookmaker offers.

Coral & SkyBet.

These are simple offers (guides are also available on my forum section) and have been added into the ‘trial’ area to earn you around £40-50, which should pay for around 4 months of your premium membership.

Coral VIP Club

You need a minimum of £35 to start Matched Betting, the beginner sign up offers are so profitable, that in around 10 days you should be sitting at around £350-£400.

The two trial offers have been included to teach you the basics of Matched Betting. This method will be used to place bets for every matched bet you do, so it’s important to let you find your feet & get inside the comfort zone with the smaller bets initially!

A Reload offer is something which Bookmakers/Casino sites use to attract the customers back to them, they want you to deposit (and lose!) money.

The Range of offers that are available are almost never-ending! Ranging from the Sportsbook, to Casino Games & even spreading to the Bingo Lobbies!

Here is a famous example of a Reload offer, from the great Ladbrokes:

This offer is worth around £21 profit, and will take around 8 minutes to complete.

People ask if there is money to be made after all the easy sign up money has been taken. This email above shows that Yes, there is plenty to be made. Aswell as the invite only promotions, bookmakers promote lots of offers for all customers to complete.

As soon as an offer is made available by a bookmaker, it will be on the Oddsmonkey guide page, Forum & Daily Offer Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oddsmonkey Review – Conclusion

You can make a LOT of money with Oddsmonkey. The type of money that can and has changed lives.

Personally, I paid off a £17,000 house deposit using a years matched betting income.

This money is literally waiting to be snatched up, by the next ‘punter’. It can be yours, if you take the correct steps today to sign up to Oddsmonkey, you won’t look back.

What is £15 a month when it allows you to bring in £1000+ a month?

Answer: It’s a damn good investment.

I hope this review has helped you to make a decision regarding your future & I hope to see you on the Forums!