Risk Free Matched Betting Offers

Matched Betting offers which are Risk Free can be the best type of offers available. This is because these offers are Guaranteed profit, you will be able to make money on these regardless. Unlike some offers, which require a trigger.

As A beginner, It can be difficult to understand exactly how to make money from these promotions. As with the below offer, you only get the £30 refund if the bet loses, it may lead you to think that you need the bet to lose. You don't.  I have created a guide for this offer below, so you can understand how to start taxing maximum value from your sign up offers.

Step One: Sign up to a Bookmaker

Use the forum sign up guide if you need to find a bookmaker to sign up to. Alternatively, click below image. Sign up to a Bookmaker With UniBet, if the bonus wins you need to wager the winnings 3x. This is straightforward, but it's best to read on the Forum before signing up in case you aren't aware of any potential T&C's.

Risk Free Matched Betting Offer - Bet Strategy
  •  When placing our initial bets with the bookmaker, we need to place this bet at high odds, over 5.0 decimal or 4/1 fractional. I will explain this below.
  • Make sure you have over £100 in your smarkets account, as liability becomes higher with high odds and stakes.
  • Make sure you check on the Forum, so you don't get taken by surprise with any wagering requirements.

Step Two: Find the Perfect Bet & Markets.

I had a quick look on UniBet and instantly found a good match on the Liverpool vs Stoke game. Unibet smarkets guide The odds on the Draw for this game are acceptable, being very tight at 6/6.2 retrospectively. If you enter the odds and £30 stake into the calculator (provided by Oddsmonkey) you will be able to see the profit. NOTE: Calculator must be set as Free Bet SNR. With 5 minutes work, you can earn £23.80 regardless of the result! You need £126.20 in Smarkets to cover this bet, as it's the amount we will lose if it's a Draw. There is no need to worry though, as the UniBet account will have around £145 going into it! Profit!  

If Result IS a draw

You will Lose £126.20 From Smarkets You will win £180 Into UNIBET. Subtract the £126.20 loss and £30 Deposit into Unibet and you are left with £23.80 Profit

If Result IS NOT a Draw

If the game ends with either side winning, you will be given a Free Bet to use (as initial bet lost) You will have Lost the £30 Deposit, But your Lay of the Draw would have won. So you will now be around £3 In a loss. But you are awaiting a Free £30 Bet. Place a SNR Bet with this £30 Free bet and you should lock in between 75-90% of the Bet Value. In this example you get £23.80 Profit.


Step Three: Enjoy the Profit!

You have now completed the offer, ready to complete more Risk Free Offers. They are as easy as placing a bet which would require a qualifying loss. As this example shows, regardless of the result we turned a £30 free bet with no monetary value, into £23.80 with ease! Other Risk Free Matched Betting Offers Bookmakers send out lots of promotions which use the same methodology as this UniBet sign up offer. They too, are very profitable. Whether it's an offer for 50% Cashback on any losses, to the famous Bet365 £50 In-Play offer, they can all be turned into cash. It's also got to be said it's EASYCASH!