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Profit Maximiser Review – Introduction

]Profit Maximiser is a product created by online system Mastermind Mike CruickShank. He has created many Risk Free systems such as Bonus Bagging, Each Way Sniper & Accumulator Generator. All of which we highly rate. I have created this Profit Maximiser Review so you too can cash in from the successes that i have!

Profit Maximiser is also in the same ranks, this product is totally fantastic! It uses the basics from Bonus Bagging, but now is all about making a consistent monthly profit from Existing Customer Offers & Promotions which bookmakers offer out to entice you to place a bet.

The thing that makes Profit Maximiser one of a kind, is that it also includes making Risk Free cash from Casino, Bingo,  Games & Cashback Offers.

The instructions given are precise & clear, but you also get a handful of training videos, It’s impossible to go wrong!
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When I first joined Profit Maximiser there were only 1,200 members. That figure has since risen to 7,500 members. To prolong the effectiveness of this, there will be a membership freeze soon, like what happened to Each Way Sniper.

There are plenty of matched betting tools available for you to be able to complete these offers without paying for a membership service. However, when you pay for a service, you receive a dedicated service, and with membership you also get:

Oddsmatcher – This software is worth the membership fee alone. It saves so much time, as you can open this software up and find a bet in around 15 seconds! This software shows you the best match available too, meaning you save money by picking the best possible!

All software is included with membership, you can take these for a test drive for just £1!

Mike has included software which can make money when you haven’t got any more offers to complete, total genius!

Dutching software has also been created, enabling you to place bets with bookmaker only, meaning no commission paid.

Daily Offer Calendar – Never miss a profit opportunity again!

With this Offer calendar, you can plan ahead of the promotion, and work your way through the day with ease, ticking each offer off one by one.

I have been a member of a few sites where organisation is your job, the amount of profit I have missed must reach into the £THOUSANDS!

Another benefit is the time you save! It’s perfect if you don’t have much time, as you can quickly simmer through the days promotions and pick and choose what to complete.

Profit Maximiser is a Risk Free system which is very similar to Bonus Bagging, another system designed to generate cash, using bookmaker free bets.
The Limitation to Bonus Bagging is that once the sign-ups had been completed, ongoing profit is next to none.

Profit Maximiser is the solution to this issue, as it’s designed to make Risk free cash from Bookmakers ongoing promotional offers.

Now, with the bookmakers accounts which you opened with Bonus Bagging can be utilised to generate a monthly income comparable to a Full Time Job.

Profit Maximiser offers a wide range range of promotions to take advantage of, such as Football, Horse Racing, Casino, Bingo & Cashback offers.

Profit Maximiser is taking Matched Betting to a whole new level, finding additional ways to make guaranteed cash on a daily basis.
I highly recommend you take advantage of the £1 Trial now!

I pay the annual £97 Fee, around £8 a month. This is an absolute bargain, for the profits I make I wouldn’t begrudge paying £297!

With the membership ever-increasing, currently exceeding 7,500 I know that memberships may soon freeze, as this has happened with other products offered by Mike.

You have access to a £1 trial, 30-day Money back guarantee. Nothing to Lose!

This is a posh way of asking how to maximise your potential income. There are a few things that will enhance your experience, such as:

  1. Location- Most bookmaker promotions are available for the United Kingdom & Ireland only.
  2. Spreadsheets. There’s nothing worse than losing £200 into one of your bookmakers, especially when you have 75+ accounts! Keep a track of where your money is & it will also help you track your profit record.
  3. Mug Betting– This is a phrase known in the Matched Betting world. Bookmakers won’t like it if all you do is Promotion after Promotion. They won’t see your account as profitable & will close or restrict your accounts
  4. All the offers- It’s important to do as many offers as you can. They are only posted if +EV, meaning long term they are profitable. To Emulate the success other members report (£3,000 Per month) you need to complete all offers.
  5. Training- Make sure you are up to date with all training material, as this will ensure you have multiple avenues of making your profits!
This is the main question, but unfortunately the answer isn’t ‘on a plate’, there are a few variables such as:

  • Time. Those with more time should be able to earn more, as they have extra resources to complete all offers, whereas some with less time will only be able to get on the main promotions.
  • Effort. When you sit down at the computer, you need to get into the mindset of ‘Working’. When I started, I found myself soon doing a YouTube marathon, but soon removed this bad habit & now when I’m on the PC, it’s strictly betting time only!
  • Bankroll. I started with £280. I struggled to complete the sign-ups, having to wait on withdrawals to be able to place my next bet. This meant my progression was slower, but this allowed me extra ‘training time’ so it wasn’t a bad thing really!

Profit Maximiser review

Colin has managed almost £12,000 profit in under 5 months. Ok, his girlfriend has spent some of the profits for him, but don’t they all?! ?

Profit Maximiser Review

Mark has managed to achieve £6,000 being lazy, not completing most offers!

Profit Maximiser Review

£1,2000 in one month, Lee has managed to smash and grab some free money!

Profit Maximiser Review

Tom H has documented his full earnings since 09-2015, totalling just over £50,000. This is serious money.