Betting Mastermind Review

Mike Cruikshank products
Betting Mastermind Review
Introducing Mike Cruikshanks latest product.

Today I will be evaluating Betting Mastermind, explaining exactly what’s included and deciding more importantly… Is it worth the £600 fee?

You may be wondering if there are long term savings, or whether the bundled products included are actually any good or not. I will help you gain an understanding on this full service.

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Fantastic Products

I am a big fan of Mike Cruikshanks products, having purchased everything he has, or will create!
His products are guarantee to make you a lot of money.
I have had all of his systems to the left of this text, I am pleased to say they have all been successful.

I was a little hesitant in purchasing Betting Mastermind, as now my matched betting is very limited.
Unfortunately, the bookmakers are onto me, I have limited stakes now with most of the big bookies.

I decided to go ahead and purchase the product, as I was afraid of missing out. Safe to say, I was glad to be aboard the Betting Mastermind journey.

Key Points after Registering

  • I paid for the whole system within 24 days!
  • It’s great for beginners & experts!
  • It will help heighten your Matched Betting Profits
Betting Mastermind is a combination of various Matched Betting & Casino products, which will help members make Risk Free money.

What Is Betting Mastermind?

Betting mastermind is a combination of Betting Systems, offered by Mike Cruikshank.
Unlike all other matched betting services available today, Betting Mastermind is a one time payment. You will receive the services for life.

Remember, Betting Mastermind isn’t a new betting system, it’s a combination of all the betting systems available. The Betting systems are;
Bonus Bagging.
Profit Maximiser.
Matched Betting Odds Software.
Each Way Sniper.
Accumulator Generator.
EV Maximiser.
Betfair Renegade.
Betfair Sniper.
Bookie Blowout.

This product offers extreme value, as you are getting all these products for life.

Why Should I buy this?

You should buy this product because it contains everything that you will ever need for Matched Betting.
If you were to purchase this package, instead of purchasing the individual products, you would save over £260 from the purchase fee…. not only this, you also get access for life, so there are no annual fees for the product unlike purchasing the systems one by one.

Total Savings are £650 per year!


Above is some screenshots, of Big Wins that either I, or my members have had since using this product.

Betting Mastermind is , so register before it closes again!

What Betting Systems are included? Are they worth the fee?

Mike Cruikshank is the individual that made Matched Betting easily accessible. I struck gold when I found out about these betting systems, and they are most definitely worth the fee.
To save you having to trawl through betting systems you may already know about, I have created a table below which can Expand/Retract. Simply click on which you would like to read.

Bonus bagging review
Bonus Bagging is a matched betting service which shows beginners how to make around £700 from the sign up offers, completely risk free.
This is a great product which is focused to novices, meaning if you have never place a bet before, but want to make money quick, all you have to do is follow the guides!

I didn’t start from using Bonus Bagging, but I wish I did as I wouldn’t have made the mistakes that I did when starting up!

Profit Maximiser LogoProfit Maximiser is the next product to turn to, which is the follow on from Bonus Bagging. Where Bonus Bagging is focused solely on Sign Up offers, Profit Maximiser is a service to help members make money from promotions for existing customers.

This service will show you exactly how to exploit Free bets, casino bonuses, bingo bonuses & other general promotions. There are over 8,000 members so this is a testament to how well this product works!

You will notice a big step up in terms of profit, as this product will guide to earn around £1,000… EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper is one of my personal favourites, I have earnt a lot of money from this product, and it’s so easy to use!

Each Way Sniper is a scalping system, which will require you to place an each way bet, laying it off on the Exchange.

The great thing about this, is that the scalps shown on the dedicated software enable you to lock in a healthy profit. So, regardless of the result, you walk away with profit!

The products are always developing further too, most recently ‘Extra Places’ have been added, meaning you can not lock in a profit in a new way!

You won’t have any issues in making £500 every month with this product.

There is an extra fee to pay with Each Way Sniper, this extra fee is for the OddsFinding system. You must have this Odds finder if you want to make the serious money, the great news is that if you purchase Betting Mastermind, this software is INCLUDED!

The training is fantastic, the profits are even better!

Accumulator Generator Review

Another Fantastic product.

Accumulator Generator has been created to help members make a profit from ‘Accumulator Refund’ promotions, which is something you will have learnt on your Profit Maximiser training guides.

Accumulator Generator is a masterpiece, a product which can help you guarantee profits (risk free of course)!

There are multiple methods of making money with this one;

  • Lay Sequentially for the Refund
  • Lock in Profit mode
  • Lay All
  • Advantage Play No Lay

This product will earn you lots of money, for a long time!

Bookmakers love customers who place accumulator bets, so this system is perfect for disguising as a punter… and making good money doing so!

Profit Maximiser Oddsmatcher

This oddsmatcher is part of Profit Maximiser, you will have most likely used this to find many bets for you.

It’s great software, allowing you to find a bet in seconds. It’s not finding a random bet either, it will find the best bet possible. By ‘the best bet’, I mean the bet with the lowest qualifying losses, the highest return from free bet, etc.

There are also some advanced features such as the Dutching ability, Channel 4 Horse Racing, In-Play software and so on. The extra benefits you get are really going to help you in the long run.

It is advised that you do not use this software for Arbitrage Bets, where you make a profit regardless, as you will end up with banned accounts.

ev maximiser logo

EV maximiser uses advanced calculations to allow you to exploit casino bonuses. These are mostly not risk free offers.

It is advised that you bring a certain level of bankroll to start these offers, as you need to adopt bankroll management strategy, where you must be in a position where you can afford a few losing runs.

The offers are always offering positive value, meaning that long term you will make a profit.

It may seem scary to move into ‘risk’ based offers, but ultimately, they pose the best value long term.

My biggest win, a £3,712 return from a slot spin of £2.50, happened on this product. I was on the Avalon slot, I must try and find the video!

Bookie Blowout logo

This is an automated system, which identifies Horse Racing selections which are mispriced.

You place the back bet on the evening, then the lay bet on the next day, when the odds have dropped.

It’s known as delayed arbitrage, but as they weren’t arbs at the time, it doesn’t alert the traders.

However, it’s advised to only use this system on banned accounts, as you are going to be beating the SP regularly.

What is the total cost for betting mastermind?

The total cost of Mike Cruikshanks Betting Mastermind is £688 ex.vat

Betting mastermind fee

This seems to be a lot of money you will be investing at once, but due to the fact you get access to 11 products for life, it’s actually fantastic value!

Is it worth the money?

  • If you are completely new to matched betting

    I would advise you sign up as soon as possible, as your membership savings are phenomenal! You have in depth training for all of the products and will be able to earn an absolute fortune!

  • If you have moderate experience

    this offers less value, as you won’t be able to utilise the bonus bagging system, but you will be able to save a great deal on your membership fees.
    Money saved is as good as money earnt!

  • If you're an expert

    you will mainly only benefit from the savings of the membership fees, but betting mastermind is full of members who are finding new ways to make money, so it’s always best to be at the front of the queue! Join betting mastermind to get amongst the ‘inner circle’ of elite money makers.

Can I claim a refund if it’s not for me?

Certainly! You have 30 days to claim a refund, if you don’t feel comfortable.

However, I advise you contact Mike directly, as he will be able to help with what you aren’t comfortable with! Hey, even contact me on the Forum! It’s too good an opportunity to miss out on!

Most people are wary of Matched betting, thinking it’s a scam.

This is because it sounds too good to be true!

100% of people that have started Matched Betting via my forum know that Matched betting is the real deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pros and Cons of Betting Mastermind


  • Earning Potential

    The earning potential is huge. Mike expects his members to earn around £3,000 a month from this package

  • Fantastic Savings

    You will save more in the long run by paying the upfront fee, instead of recurring monthly payments

  • Join the Inner Circle

    The forum is known for finding the latest loopholes, including one where SkyBet lost out on £2 Million!


  • Can be Overwhelming

    When you register, to be given access to many different products may leave you not knowing where to begin.

  • Less Ideal for Gubbed Accounts

    If you have lost a few accounts you will struggle to achieve the same profits as others on the forum

  • Time

    You need to dedicate some time to this, as you have access to 9 unique products, all of which you can make money from in different ways.