Matched Betting for Dummies

Matched Betting For Dummies

What Is Matched Betting?
The Ultimate Matched Betting For Dummies Guide

For anybody New to Matched betting, it can seem very complicated & risky.
To conquer your fears, we have created a Matched Betting for Dummies guide.
The simple profits that you can make sound too good to be true, but we promise there are no catches to this, risk free profit!


Bookmakers run special promotions and offer free bets, to try and get more punters betting with them. We Exploit these free bets and use simple tools provided, to guarantee profit!

What We Offer

You Can Register at Our Forum completely free, regardless of your Matched Betting experience.
I have helped one member from never having placed a bet, to having earnt £550 in a month!

Is Matched Betting profitable after signing up?

It’s widely known that you can earn around £1000 from the sign up promotions.
There is no need to worry about the profits drying up after completing the sign ups, as bookmakers also offer promotions to existing customers, to make sure they continue betting.
These types of offers are known as Reload Offers, which will be your main-stay for matched betting.

Isn’t this gambling?

This is not gambling. Your money is not at risk when gambling.
If you place a bet but do not lay it, this would be gambling as you require your selection to win, in order to make a profit.
When Matched Betting, we also Lay the selection, making the bet risk free.
See below for a full breakdown.

  • Place Your Back bet with Bookmaker

    The Back bet means you are betting for this team to win.

  • Place the Lay bet on the Exchange

    The lay bet is bettng against the team. To bet against would be a DRAW or the Other Team Winning.

  • The Outcomes

    As you can see, we have now covered Team A to win with the bookmaker, but also covered the Draw & Team B winning. All possible outcomes have been covered so we cannot lose money.

To Lay a selection, means to bet against it happening. For example, to lay Man Utd winning, would be betting on them NOT to win.

Matched Betting is when you follow the guides.

What is the Oddsmatcher?

The oddsmatcher is a fantastic tool which helps you find what to bet on.
It can be daunting to log onto a bookmaker & trawl through many different markets, trying to find something to bet on.
Our Oddsmatcher is the ultimate Bet finder, saving you precious time!
Not only does it save time, it calculates the lay prices for the bets, showing you the best possible bets to put on!

The Oddsmatcher is £9.99 upwards on other websites!

How Much can I make?

Matched Betting has the potential to earn you £500 a month with limited time. I know a handful of people who clear £2,500 monthly, with ease.

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