January Profits – “Everybody Makes Mistakes”

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Everybody Makes Mistakes!

Mistake One - Failing to Submit Lay bet.

This is easy to avoid, as long as you are ‘working’ with the correct mindset. I had my ‘punt’ head on, so was on the rampage! I forgot to lay liverpool and the odds drifted horrendously, from 2.2-2.6. My fault as I was holding out for 2.2, I wouldn’t take 2.22 as the stake amount meant a big difference in the losses.

I had a £1500 bet on liverpool, which I now had no choice but to lay at 2.6, but I also underlaid this as I was certain of it winning. Which of course it didn’t! 

Moral of this story: Lay it for the price available, anything other than this is gambling. 

Damages: £140 Loss

Mistake Two - Take it While you Can

My Second mistake was more-so bad judgement or greed.

I had an offer which I could have locked in at Half Time for £330 profit, but all I could see was the bigger picture and my gut instinct told me to see this out for the full £1000.

Of course, when you want a result to go your way it never does, which kind of makes sense because otherwise I would have retired after cashing in my 15-Fold!

It didn’t cost me money, as I locked in any possible qualifying losses, but I could have added £300+ Profit to my monthly tally, which isn’t bad for 90 minutes of football!

Moral of This Story – Don’t rely on a bet to win, Lock in Profit & Lock out your emotions!

No Damages, but £330 Less than I should have!

What saved my Errors

Paddypower 2UP Offer - Early Payout if you go 2-0 up!

This offer helped me to £700 locked in, as Federer went 2-0 up before choking and the game went to 2-2.

I didn’t believe that federer would lose overall, so I locked in at 2-2 for £700 profit.

Had Federer not won, and I not have locked in I could have profited £2200. This offer is a real goldmine!

Heading with Theme Font

Coral offer Double winnings if your team go on to win both halves.

This helped me recoup my losses as Southampton thrashed Leicester 3-0, winning both halves along the way!

Profit – £880

Overall, I made £1890 during January. I concluded this months profit early, on the 27th January, so I can have a few days off.


I have some important website development news coming up soon, so be sure to check back soon.

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