Is This All Risk Free?

Coral VIP Offer

When Is there Risk when Matched Betting?

I can safely say that when you are Matched Betting, you will be on an upwards path, as long as you are following my guides to a Tee and not gambling your free bets off etc,  your bankroll can only increase.

However, there are offers available which carry risk, these are offers which require a trigger. Let’s call these ‘IF’ offers. I have attached an image of Corals ‘IF’ offer, where you receive a double winnings if your team wins both halves.

Coral VIP OfferNow, with this offer there are three ways it can go, which means there is a form of risk. However the reward on this risk is insane, with potential profit of £1000 straight cash. This requires a straight back and lay bet to qualify for extra winnings, so presuming we have done the back and lay I will focus on the extra winnings.

Outcome One

The team fail to win the first half

The Offer is now Dead.

You cannot lock in profit from this offer, but as it’s +EV it’s still profitable long term. only 2 of 9 matches I have monitored have let me down before half time.”

Your Chosen Team wins the First Half. – Here you have an opportunity to lock in hundreds of pounds.” block_title_back=”Don’t Let it run.” block_desc_back=”Now, regardless of if the team win both halves, or fail to, you have made your profit.

Aim for Maximum possible. The hardest, but most profitable shot to call. Do you Let it Run? Big Payday…It doesn’t happen often (1 in 9 current ratio) but when it does, there is a huge payday to follow!

Do I need to complete offers with ‘Risk’ Potential?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to lock in profit on the above offers, or offers similar to these. I really wish I could!

However, you are not forced to complete any promotion/offer which you do not feel comfortable with, as that is simply unfair. It’s completely your decision, but what is majorly important is to understand the Estimated Value of these offers.

The Odds are being tilted heavily in our favour, meaning that we are achieving odds far greater than the chance of the outcome happening. This means that long term, we have the upper hand. You may lose two, even three of these in a row but as soon as one lands, that’s £1000 cash.

Now, I have tested this Win Win, Get In! promotion, to show my exact results here, from 9 Win Win

SummaryAs you can see, the profit from Lock in at Half time & Left to run (In hope of the £1000 pay out) has paid out pretty damn well so far! This offer has been my main money earner now for quite a while

Other Low Risk Promotions

The Coral offer posted above isn’t the only offer which is available in the ‘Low Risk’ category, they are actually becoming more popular. I personally get these emailed to me a lot.

A Ladbrokes example – This is a promotion in which if you lose, you do lose half of your stake. By Playing one high stakes hand on Roulette, you tilt the odds in your favour, making this VERY PROFITABLE.

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