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    This post is designated for you to introduce yourself to the community.
    It’d be great to get an idea of what your targets are with Matched Betting.

    For example, I aim to achieve around £250 per month.


    Robert Mugisha

    Hey folks. Feels nice to be here and looking forward to achieving
    some free money each month. I am not totally new to matched betting. BUT I have a habit of
    blowing my profits, at gambling. So I hope this time round I can discipline myself. and if someone
    has some tips for me to help me maintain a high discipline please you are welcome to guide me.
    Thx in advance.



    I would advise you set yourself a goal, whether this be monetary or a physical object, a Car, new Tv etc.

    Use the profit tracker as a Savings guide, so you are fully aware of how far away from your target you are.

    I have myself put some money back into bookies via gambling, it can be very easy to think you are seeing value etc with their odds.

    Good Luck, and if you need assistance anytime, or even just a chat… I’m here!


    Robert Mugisha

    Thanks for the advise Tom.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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