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    The Bet365 offer is well known to be the most attractive Matched Betting offer at present.
    This thread is for the community to post close matches, to aid one another in finding the best possible chances of getting a 2UP at minimal cost.

    If required, the 2UP Cash Out Calculator can be located here –



    Close match right now on Chelsea, who play Derby. 1.28/1.28



    Man Utd 8.5/8.6 vs Man City (weekend fixture)

    May be worth waiting for some good Champions League close matches.



    Just a friendly reminder:
    The Nations League games are NOT part of the 2UP eligible games.

    2UP is my only form of matched betting now, so a quiet week for me.


    Robert Mugisha

    Hey Tom.
    Just wondering, why is the 2UP your only form of matched betting?
    Have you used up all the new customer offers?



    I have exhausted many other offers, plus I think I have become a little lazy overall.

    I don’t really have the time anymore to pursue offers such as Bet £10 & Get £5 casino bonus etc.

    I think 2UP actually spoiled my way of thinking, as some weekends I have earnt over £10,000 from just 2-3 bets.

    Sorry for the delay replying, I am looking at getting a functioning notification system running to email when posts/replies are made.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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