Football Index Review

Football index review

What is Football Index?

Football Index is a stock market which allows users to buy virtual shares in the top 200 footballers in the world.
It’s identical to trading on the Stock Exchange, you can Buy, Sell, earn dividends and fingers crossed sell at a profit.

It’s not like typical betting, when your bet loses your money is gone. Instead, players gain and lose value, your share price being affected by how well they have played. If your player hasn’t played great, you may find that his share value drops a few pence.

Key Points

  • £500 Risk Free
  • Regulated by the UK commission
  • New approach to betting

Football Index are running a promotion where you get to trade £500 risk free.
They are running this because it’s a new method of betting, so it gives customers a chance to see if they would adapt to this, without losing money in the process.

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Registering for your account

Visit the link above to register and receive your £500 Risk Free offer.

To sign up, it works just like any other bookmaker. enter your details and add a payment method. Once you have signed up, it’s time to browse the stock market!

Buying a player

Every single player has a different value, although currently you cannot trade all players.
This will be updated soon, as Football Index is growing at a phenomenal rate! The database is increasing with every update.
As I mentioned earlier, every player has it’s own unique price. You can get a share in Lionel Messi for around £4.20, or opt for Wayne Rooney at £2.30.
It’s completely up to you, have you got your eye on a wonderkid? Or have you noticed Paul Pogba has a record-low price, surely it must be time to buy?!
Whoever you decide to buy, it couldn’t be easier. Simply Hit ‘Buy’, selecting how many shares you would like.

Congratulations, you are now a Football Index Trader!

Selling a player

On the other hand, you may want to sell your shares. In order to make a profit, you need to sell at a higher price than you bought the player for.

If you do decide to sell up, you are presented with 2 options

What Affects the Market Value of the players?

The media plays a big part in the share price of players. If they are linked with big transfers, there is a great chance the share prices will increase.

What is ‘Buzz’?

Buzz is a media scoring system used by Football Index, this is turned into a ‘competition’ which is run daily.
Football players earn buzz points throughout the day for the amount of media coverage they get.
The footballer to score the most points on that day, is crowned the buzz winner.
If you have the buzz winner as part of your portfolio, you are going to be paid out dividends! Bonus! The dividend payout is 5p per share held.

Buzz points are calculated in a certain way, it’s not random. Football Index gather the information from the top 25 football media companies, Sky Sports News etc.
Football Buzz is something that resets daily, so you have the chance for dividends daily.

Can I profit from the buzz?

Yes! Using the buzz to your advantage can earn you a nice additional bonus.
If you choose to obtain a portfolio of players which are loved by the media, you are in with a great chance of earning money by the buzz dividend feature. There are some players which the media just don’t stop talking about!

However, the main method for making a profit is to buy low, sell high.

Football Index is

What is the First team Squad?

There are almost 1,500 players on the Football Index market, the first team making up 200 players.
We can only buy shares in the 200 first team players.

Football Index customers can have their say in who enters the first team squad, with a weekly vote. With this, members can upvote and downvote squad members for promotion into the first team.

The top two players in the squad are promoted, with the bottom two players in the first team squad being relegated to the squad.

A player which has been promoted cannot be relegated for 8 weeks.

How can I make a Profit on Football Index?

The way to make a guaranteed profit is to buy low and sell high.

Keep a keen eye on the media outlets, player form & player demand to be able to maximise your chance of success.


Could I lose money on Football Index?

You may lose money, as player share prices can go down, aswell as up.
In some instances you may have to sell a share for less than you pay for it, if the player gets injured etc.
I recommend that you initially avoid players near the relegation zone, as this is where you may make a loss.

On the flip side, the relegation zone is a risky area where there is a great deal of profit to be made.
Share prices are often low around the relegation zone, due to uncertainty in the market. If you snap up a player in the relegation zone and he then starts to play well, the share price will rocket up!

Football Index – the strategy I used

The main part of Matched Betting is taking advantage of Bookmakers promotional offers.

A bookmaker has a promotion running, Bet £20 & Get £20. We back and lay our selection, meaning we have made £0 Profit or Loss.

We now do the same with the Free Bet, but because it’s the bookmakers £20, we will make around £20!

Matched Betting has the potential to earn you £500 a month with ease.

Football Index Tips

Take advantage of the £500 Bonus

Instead of putting the full £500 on Messi, who is most likely at his peak, go all out on a lower valued player, who you think has a good chance of hitting a run of form. If it doesn't work, you haven't lost a thing, if it does work out you have the chance to double (or more) your bankroll!

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Watch the News

The news is your best tool!
Transfer rumours and injury news will affect the share prices.
If a player gets linked with a bigger club, his share price will increase, but if a player gets injured, his share price may well fall if it's a long injury lay off.
It's all part of the fun!

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