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Football Index Tips

4 Tips for Football Index Beginners

My previous Football Index was the introduction and review to the Worlds First Football Stock Market, Football Index. This post is for those who have registered with Football Index & are now looki...

ace iptv review


ACE IPTV is a paid for service where you can watch television. They cater all channels on Live TV, including Entertainment, Sports & Pay Per View. They charge significantly less than any other pr...

Rollover bets

What is Rollover in Sports Betting?

This isn’t a dog training lesson! In Matched Betting, rollover is required for some bookmaker bets. Today I will be explaining exactly what rollover is & the best methods available.

Horse Racing Gubbed Matched betting

Why does Horse Racing affect our Matched Betting accounts?

It’s not a great feeling to lose bookmaker accounts, as it leads to a reduction in profits. Many people say taking part in Horse Racing offers is a one way ticket to losing accounts, today I wil...

Geoff banks matched betting

Bookmakers complain about Matched Betting, is this the end?

Take this infographic for the search term of Matched Betting. It had next to no searches in 2007, but the popularity has increased year on year! Bookmakers are already aware Matched Betting exists, th...

Football index review
Matched Betting multi accounting

Matched Betting Gnoming & Multi Accounting: Explained

Sign up offers are the greatest gain for multi accounting, as you can earn around £1,500 from these alone. We all wish that we could complete these over and over again!

Accumulator bet

How to make a Profit on every accumulator bet you place

Today I will bring you into the inner circle, an area where a small percentage of punters have changed the game. The good thing is, you have decided to take action & will soon be guaranteeing a pr...

Matched Betting fast profit

How I earnt £600 in 2 weeks Thanks to Matched Betting

Matched Betting isn’t a new thing, it’s actually been a ‘thing’ for around 5 years or so. I started Matched Betting around 3 years ago, I have managed to make a healthy sum in ...

Matched Betting For Dummies

Matched Betting for Dummies

For anybody New to Matched betting, it can seem very complicated & risky. To conquer your fears, we have created a Matched Betting for Dummies guide. The simple profits that you can make sound to...

how to profit from horse racing

ITV Horse Racing | How to Profit from ITV Racing

Every Saturday, ITV broadcast up to 8 selected races from around the U.K. With these offers come plenty of promotions, so it’s a great day for Matched Betting! The races start at around 13:30, c...

7 things I wish i knew before

7 Things I wish I knew before

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque pretium, nisi ut volutpat mollis, leo risus interdum arcu, eget facilisis quam felis id mauris. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Tell m...

Marched betting rebuilding

Rebuilding your funds | Tips for Starting again

Today, we will be discussing the ways you can rebuild your funds, aswell as the reasons why you may have to. Matched Betting can earn you a lot of money, the only problem is that sometimes problems oc...

Matched betting glossary

Matched Betting Terms | A Glossary of Keywords

This is a short post describing all of the keywords you may find on the Forum, which you may be unsure of. Deposit Stake Bet Free Bet Bonus Qualifying Bet

is matched betting risky

Is Matched Betting a Scam? Or does it actually work?

Before I started Matched Betting, I checked what seems to be every page on Google, as Matched Betting sounded too good to be true! The term ‘Risk Free Money’ always put me off, as I was ta...

matched betting price boost

Arbitrage | A Sure Fire way to get gubbed in 2017!

Arbitrage is free money, that’s for sure! There are many reasons why you shouldn’t arb!   I’m sure we have all been in this position, there aren’t many offer that take you...

Mike Cruikshank products
matched betting tricks, matched betting hacks

Matched Betting Hacks & Advanced Tricks

When I started Matched Betting, I was like a bull at a gate.  However, this was the wrong mentality to have.   1) Don’t Spend Your Funds. Treat Matched Betting as a business and it will pay...

matched betting tips, accumulator bets,

Accumulator Bets Explained | Why do the Bookmakers love Accas?

There is no value in placing an accumulator bet, they are not profitable at all. 

Matched Betting without Free Bets

Matched Betting Without Free Bets | We Found the Alternatives!

If you are looking for alternative ways to make money without relying on free bets and promotions, there is a great chance you unfortunately are in the below: Matched Betting is typically earning your...

Matched betting tips

Advanced Matched Betting Tips & Matched Betting Techniques

[panel title=”How can I be fully organised?”]To stay on top of things, it won’t be fun! It will take a small amount of time each week to do some ‘housekeeping’. Housekeep...

Bet365 Free bet review

What is the difference between HT/FT & Win Both Halves bets?

These markets can initially be very confusing, as they **sound like they are the same bet**. Typically, odds are similar too, so it can be easy to make a mistake. This training post is to notify you o...

matched betting underlay, matched betting overlay

What is Underlay? What is Overlay?

Underlaying a bet means to lay LESS than what is advised by the calculator. It is a very advanced tactic, almost gambling.   Below is an example of the Calculator (Set to Advanced Mode, so you ca...

what is mug betting

Mug Betting | What Is A Mug Bet?

is the action of placing a bet with a bookmaker that has no offer attached. They help us to blend in with other punters, to stop us being recognised as Bonus Abusers.

Each Way Sniper Review

I found Each Way Sniper  late one night when I was searching for a profitable horse racing system. Initially, I was looking for ‘Market Movers’, but deep research led me to believe that your accounts ...

Profit Maximiser Logo

Profit Maximiser Review

]Profit Maximiser is a product created by online system Mastermind Mike CruickShank. He has created many Risk Free systems such as Bonus Bagging, Each Way Sniper & Accumulator Generator. All of wh...

Accumulator Generator Review
Profit Accumulator Review
matched betting profit summary
matched betting profit summary

August Profits – Offer Review

August was a fantastic month, with total earnings at a healthy £1807.94 What is most impressive is that I took a week away from matched betting for my birthday, so this is only THREE WEEKS worth!

Dutching definition

What is Dutching?

Today we enter the alternate realm of matched betting, going Dutch! Don’t worry, I won’t be asking my followers to change their nationality, or move country. Dutching is a betting system u...

Bookmaker V.I.P Clubs

Bookmaker VIP Clubs are the new in-thing, which you can gain access to from betting large amounts of money. They are for elite individuals, and joining such clubs can earn you a fortune. Today we Disc...

mug punter

Best Ways to Mug Bet

Today I am discussing the best method available to act like a true Mug punter. It’s essential for matched betting and it also 

Extra place offer
bet365 risk free in play offer

Bet365 Risk Free In-Play £50

The Bet365 In Play bet offer is a completely Risk Free bet. It’s simply a bet £50, Get £50 bet. As a skilled matched bettor, there will come a time where all of the lucrative Sign up offers and ...

Should I Back or Lay First?

Should I Back or Lay First? – Today is just a short and simple blog write up, as it’s a very busy day with a great amount of reload offers on.

matched bet

Reasons I Matched Bet

There are quite a few reasons that I start matched betting! I work full time, but it’s not the greatest salary as I am a trainee. I have goals that are far higher than my wage allows me to live....

keeping accounts open matched betting

Three ways to sustain this long term.

Today I will be discussing exactly how your accounts can get put into the ‘review process’ by the traders at a specific bookmaker.

Oddsmonkey Review – Premium Software

Oddsmonkey are the original creators of Matched Betting software, meaning their experience & support is the greatest available. A premium membership with Oddsmonkey comes with many benefits, from ...

euro 16 free bet

Euro 2016

Euro 16 is around the corner, less than two weeks away. Now the offers are starting to come in, mainly on outright and Top Scorer bets at the moment. These…

matched betting guide


Welcome to my Matched Betting Blog, where I aim to help you to grasp an understanding of the Matched Betting Offers. I will post up previous expired offers, fully reviewing them and stating whether I ...

Coral VIP Offer

Is This All Risk Free?

When Is there Risk when Matched Betting? I can safely say that when you are Matched Betting, you will be on an upwards path, as long as you are following my guides to a Tee and not gambling your free ...