Guaranteed Profit: £12.32 – £87.76

Betfred have boosted England to Win Euro 2016 this morning.

The boosted odds are 8.0, with a max stake of £100.

You are able to lay this off at odds of 7.0, meaning there is some nice risk free profit available!

You will need to Use Betfair to lay this bet off.

betfred price boost

At current odds you have three options:

  • Underlay the bet, meaning if England do get to the final you will make £87.76.  (Warning: They will have to play Germany in Quarter final!)
  • Standard Lay, where you will make £12.32 regardless of the result. 
  • Overlay, doesn’t really seem worth it, unless you are anti-England! But, potential for £2 extra risk free cash.

Note, the money will be tied up until England either get to the final, or are knocked out. As you can see from the liability, you’ll need around £800 for this offer.

Feel free to use the below calculator in case of any odds changes.