What betting exchange should I use?

Betfair Exchange Review

Why Should I Use Betfair Exchange?

What are the key things to consider when choosing a betting exchange?


When matched betting or trading, you will have to rely on your betting exchange, as they are a vital component to making this risk free. This review will help point you towards the best exchange.

Range of Markets

Not all betting exchanges cover every market, so it’s vital you know which exchange has full coverage. This allows you to maximise profit as you are completely unrestricted with what to bet on.


Exchanges charge commission as it’s their way of making money. On exchanges it’s punter vs punter, so it’s good to know who charges the least commission as It will help keep costs to a minimum.

Why does Matched Betting require an exchange?

Without betting exchanges such as Betfair, you would not be able to lay off your bets. You would still be able to use the bookmaker, but this would be gambling. To Lay a bet is to bet against it happening, so to have a bet for and against the same team, one of these will win.

Ability for Risk Free Bets

You can only lay bets on betting exchanges. It’s not possible to lay a bet using a bookmaker.

Flagship Performance

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Stunningly Fast

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Impossibly Beautiful

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Betfair review

Betfair Exchange Features

  • #1 Exchange in the World

    Betfair are the most popular betting exchange in the world. They are the market leaders, consistently listening to feedback and improving their service

  • Comprehensive yet Simple UI

    The user interface on Betfair exchange is truly amazing. Although it’s in-depth, the layout is amazing and you can find the market you require in seconds.

  • Promotions

    Betfair send out promotions for big users of their products. I use Exchange for all my needs, so get rewarded with £100 cash back if my exchange bets lose. This is extra profit, which is always handy! They also have offers and promotions on such products like: Sportsbook, Arcade, Casino & Games, Lotto.

Other Products Betfair Offer


Also offering sports promotions, such as First Goalscorer refunds, Acca Edge offers, Betfair Sportsbook is well established and a good money earner when Matched Betting.

Live Casino

Betfair send me an offer for the live casino every single week, Bet £10 and if I lose I will receive money back. These offers are there to try and reel you in, but stay disciplined Matched Betting and you can make some good money from these offers.

Poker & Bingo

You can’t make a profit when signing up to the bingo and poker rooms, but they are available if these games take your fancy.

Virtual Sports

Avoid these when Matched Betting. Virtual sports are now on the rise, with things like Horses, Dogs, Tennis, Speedway, Football & Kayaking available to virtually bet on.

6 Reasons to Use Betfair Exchange

Betfair have fantastic servers, which rarely go down for maintenance. I have used Smarkets time and time again, but on most saturday afternoons it struggles to keep up with demand. Betfair has never let me down.

Betfair is the most popular exchange, as it was the first website to offer the ‘exchange’ system. This means there is much more money available in the markets which you would be betting on.

The user experience is fantastic. With Betfair, you get the option to Live Stream most events, which adds to the ‘value’ factor of using the website.

Betfair are the only exchange that sends out promotions, whether it be for the exchange, or their other products. This also adds to the ‘value’ factor and can earn you a bit of money if you’re lucky with wagering it!

A Generous sign up bonus of £30 shows how much they value their customers!

When Matched betting, you will find lots of price boosts that you can’t use other exchanges to lay off with. This is because Betfair have a market for everything you can bet on, meaning now all price boosts can be profitable!

Register at Betfair to receive £30 in Free Bets

Register at Smarkets and you will receive £10 commission cashback.