Month: August 2017

ace iptv review


ACE IPTV is a paid for service where you can watch television. They cater all channels on Live TV, including Entertainment, Sports & Pay Per View. They charge significantly less than any other pr...

Rollover bets

What is Rollover in Sports Betting?

This isn’t a dog training lesson! In Matched Betting, rollover is required for some bookmaker bets. Today I will be explaining exactly what rollover is & the best methods available.

Horse Racing Gubbed Matched betting

Why does Horse Racing affect our Matched Betting accounts?

It’s not a great feeling to lose bookmaker accounts, as it leads to a reduction in profits. Many people say taking part in Horse Racing offers is a one way ticket to losing accounts, today I wil...

Geoff banks matched betting

Bookmakers complain about Matched Betting, is this the end?

Take this infographic for the search term of Matched Betting. It had next to no searches in 2007, but the popularity has increased year on year! Bookmakers are already aware Matched Betting exists, th...