Risk Free Matched Betting Offer - Bet Strategy

  •  When placing our initial bets with the bookmaker, we need to place this bet at high odds, over 5.0 decimal or 4/1 fractional. I will explain this below.
  • Make sure you have over £100 in your smarkets account, as liability becomes higher with high odds and stakes.
  • Make sure you check on the Forum, so you don’t get taken by surprise with any wagering requirements.

Step Two: Find the Perfect Bet & Markets.

I had a quick look on UniBet and instantly found a good match on the Liverpool vs Stoke game.


smarkets guide

The odds on the Draw for this game are acceptable, being very tight at 6/6.2 retrospectively.

If you enter the odds and £30 stake into the calculator (provided by Oddsmonkey) you will be able to see the profit.
NOTE: Calculator must be set as Free Bet SNR.

With 5 minutes work, you can earn £23.80 regardless of the result! You need £126.20 in Smarkets to cover this bet, as it’s the amount we will lose if it’s a Draw. There is no need to worry though, as the UniBet account will have around £145 going into it! Profit!


If Result IS a draw

You will Lose £126.20 From Smarkets

You will win £180 Into UNIBET.

Subtract the £126.20 loss and £30 Deposit into Unibet and you are left with £23.80 Profit

If Result IS NOT a Draw

If the game ends with either side winning, you will be given a Free Bet to use (as initial bet lost)

You will have Lost the £30 Deposit, But your Lay of the Draw would have won. So you will now be around £3 In a loss.
But you are awaiting a Free £30 Bet.

Place a SNR Bet with this £30 Free bet and you should lock in between 75-90% of the Bet Value. In this example you get £23.80 Profit.


Step Three: Enjoy the Profit!

You have now completed the offer, ready to complete more Risk Free Offers.

They are as easy as placing a bet which would require a qualifying loss.

As this example shows, regardless of the result we turned a £30 free bet with no monetary value, into £23.80 with ease![/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text="Other Risk Free Matched Betting Offers" use_theme_fonts="yes"][vc_column_text]Bookmakers send out lots of promotions which use the same methodology as this UniBet sign up offer.

They too, are very profitable.

Whether it’s an offer for 50% Cashback on any losses, to the famous Bet365 £50 In-Play offer, they can all be turned into cash. It’s also got to be said it’s EASYCASH![/vc_column_text]