Qualifying Bet - Summary

  • If you have a smaller bank / betting pot, place your bets using odds as close to the minimum required. This will reduce the Liability required in Smarkets.
  • Minimise your losses. This is so we can make as much money as possible!
  • Most qualifying bets are Normal, but some are SNR for the first bet. Be sure to check the Forum for individual instructions for each offer.
  • You want to be making a loss on your qualifying bets, if you are making profit on them the bookies may close you down. This is known as arbitrage.
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  • Only ever use the BLUE boxes on Smarkets! (The markets do have ‘Bet Against’ along the top.
  • Terms can be confusing on betting exchanges. The two that causes most confusion are Stake & Liability.
  • Lay/Stake – This is the amount to type in to the blue box on Smarkets, for example Lay/Stake £15 at odds of 4.0.
  • Liability – This is the amount of money you need in your account to cover the bet. For example, laying £15 at odds of 4.0 would require £45 of liability. So if you have under £45 in your account, you wouldn’t be able to place that bet.