Mug Betting | What Is A Mug Bet?

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mug betting

How To Place a Mug Bet

[vc_column_text]Easy Stuff. Simply back and lay any event which has no promotion associated with it. The best thing to bet on is probably Premier League as it has the most popularity, so odds are going to be pretty tight with the liquidity levels.

A mug bet is treated the same as the qualifying bets you placed when you completed sign up offers, so simply hit the calculator in ‘Normal’ and find some good matches!

If you start integrating these into your account from an early stage, there is nothing stopping you from taking advantage of Matched Betting for a Long time.[/vc_column_text]

Watch Those Betting Patterns!

[vc_column_text]A bookmaker needs to be profitable, to maintain profits they often review all of their player’s accounts for profitability.

This gives them an opportunity to exclude many members from their site, however they aren’t only looking for customers who have deposited £10 but withdrew £2,500 or more. They also want to identify the customers who they believe are Matched Betting, or Bonus abusing.

If you complete a promotion for the full stake, for example £50, but then when mug betting, you only bet say £10, this will stick out.

Who in the right mind would bet £50 on a horse at odds of 6/1, but then only bet £10 on Man Utd at 1/25? I stick to a mug betting rule where as the odds reduce, the stake increases. This also shows you aren’t a flat stake punter using a ‘points system’, something which full time gamblers do.



Am I a Suspicious Customer?


When Matched Betting, we have to be organised so we can take advantage of as many promotions as possible. (I personally use a diary, so I can tell exactly when my Free Bets should be credited, or what promotions are running on that day). As I have explained above, the main thing here is to make sure you aren’t only betting on a ‘Promotional Offer’.

Qualifying Stakes. If you enter a promotion and consistently bet the minimum required, this can be seen as abusing bonuses, as you are literally doing the minimum required to receive your free bets. Mix the stakes up! Bet above the minimum required, sometimes even bet less than is required! Yes, this may increase your qualifying losses, but a bookmaker account is worth more than the £0.50p you have missed out on keeping your account in good health.

Create a Profile. Stick to the top leagues in Football, avoid leagues such as the Algerian 2nd Division. It’s ok to have teams like this in an accumulator long shot bet, but for a customer who has just cautiously bet £10 on a low-odds bet which he’s ‘sure it will win’, it would be unlike a customer to then risk £10 on a league he has no idea on.

Horse Racing. This can be an issue for some due to a lack of time. This also links into the Organised point I made at the top of this heading. It’s good to be organised and ready to redeem your free bets, but do not bet on Horse Racing the day before the event is due to begin. There are so many markets you could be betting on, so for you to randomly click on the event which is on a different day, place a rather large stake at high odds and then logout would be noticeable. (Oh look, the market you randomly selected ALSO is a promotion!)

Punters tend to bet on events just before they are about to start, that is a must with Horse Racing as it’s the main sport which can harm your accounts. (Read below).

Avoid Arbitrage. Arbitrage is where you make a profit from backing and laying, without a promotion involved. This is to be avoided at all costs, as your accounts will be closed quicker than you first opened them. When I first started Matched Betting, I would love trying new things out! It got late one night, and I persuaded myself that I can Arb bet as a Mug bet, meaning I have no qualifying losses for keeping my accounts healthy. How wrong I was! I woke up the morning after, went to place another bet to find that I had been severely limited. 


The Old Cliche, ‘I win too Much at the Bookmaker’. While winning can be an issue for your bankroll management, I do not agree that winning alone can cause your accounts to be limited/closed.

However, I do believe that with consistent wins, and withdrawals, your account would have to be looked into by the bookmakers traders (A.K.A The Risk Management Team). This is probably more so for money laundering than trying to find a reason to ban you, however, if then they see ‘Offer, Offer Offer’ on your bet history, it wouldn’t take them too long to notice exactly what it going on.

Cookies. Bookmakers, like any other website now use cookies to get an insight into their customer base. With these, they can tell exactly what markets you look at, how long for etc.

Matched betting doesn’t give us the time to watch the live streams that bookmakers have made available to use, but punters would be watching these recreationally.

I have to admit, It must look strange to log in, place a high stakes bet and log out immediately. A punter would definitely make use of this, so it may be worth our time to actually stream.

However, I also believe it’s a waste of time! As we don’t need our bet to win, we have no emotional attachment. I often find myself cheering on it to lose!


Is there any proof that Mug Betting works?

[vc_column_text]There is no proof that Mug Betting works, as it’s not something we can get a direct answer from the bookmaker!

However, I have friends who are Matched Betting, who have lost many accounts. Admittedly, they have said they don’t mug bet, as they don’t want to give anything back. Perfectly fine reason, but having lost accounts it does kind of paint the picture for you!

Not ever user wants to Matched bet for a long time, I have many friends who want to bleed it dry as soon as possible. In this instance, to exctract the maximum profits, I say Arb and Arb hard! If you can get a lot of bets on in a short space of time, you can find yourself making more money with that bookmaker than you could by completing offers they have.

For Example, I have a friend named Chris, who had a Stan James account. Now, they have next to no promotional offers, so he thought he would trial arbitrage on this bookmaker. They are really slow at changings odds, so arbing them is easy. However, when arbing you need to make sure you get it done more or less in one sitting, as traders can review your account if you try and arb over a long period. Think of this as a ‘Smash and Grab’.[/vc_column_text]

Summary | Should I Mug Bet?

[vc_column_text]The answer is an opinion, but I believe you should mug bet.

Mug betting is classed as a ‘Bleed them dry’ method, slowly taking the money, as opposed to the ‘Smash and Grab’ method.

Actually, Arbitrage can be more profitable long term, as I don’t believe I have taken anywhere near the profits from my Stan James account that my friend Chris has.[/vc_column_text]

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