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What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is completely risk free.

Matched Betting is a Risk Free strategy allowing users to earn risk free profit. By following simple guides, you can start earning guaranteed profits. There are over 28,000 people Matched Betting in 2017, so jump aboard and make some money!

How does it work




Sign up to the Bookmaker to receive your free bet


Place Bets

Follow the Simple Guides to place your back and lay bet.



Withdraw and continue to the next promotion

Matched Betting is becoming very popular …


What are the benefits of Signing Up?

We know your time is valuable, so we make sure this process is as quick as possible for you.

Nobody wants to sit at the computer all day searching for a good match, so we developed the Quick OddsMatcher, designed to  find the bets for you.
Best of all, it’s completely FREE TO ACCESS.
We are also working on development for other projects, helping to make profits surge higher than ever!

Matched Betting Oddsmatcher

All the tools you need to succeed online

We provide simple, yet precise instructions for you to follow. They Never Expire,  so you can complete at your own pace.



Our Industry leading software consistently checks the odds, looking for the best bets in Real Time.

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Matched Betting Calculator

Our Expert calculator does all the maths for you, all you need to input are the Stake & Odds!

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Help & Support?

Join our community, where you can receive support from experienced members, or just chill out and chat!

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Who is Matched Betting suitable for?

Providing you are over the legal age to place a bet, 18 years old,
there are no restrictions stopping you from
Signing up and starting today!

You don’t have to be an experienced gambler, or a die hard sports fan to make money from Matched Betting. In Fact, roughly 30% of participants have never placed a bet before!

It’s perfect for students and home workers, but people who have jobs also earn Thousands!

You aren’t in a contract, you can do as little or as much as you like.

Remember, all profits are Tax Free!

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Who is Matched Betting suitable for?

What we do at Matched Betting Forums

Matched Betting can be time consuming, we streamline this process.

The hardest thing about Matched Betting are finding promotions, then producing a strategy to guarantee profit. We Do the Hard Work for You.

Your members area and Forum contain all the best promotions available, where you can follow the Video Guides & Interactive Tutorials to walk you through the whole process.

Even better still, you don’t have to waste your time reading the terms and conditions, as our Promotion Expert reads through them before posting the offer. It’s really that simple.